Before submitting a ticket:

1. For questions regarding your xBit wallet, please be sure to have your wallet number available and copy and paste into your message to us. This will solve the issue faster as we will need this number to resolve your question. If you do NOT have a wallet, please register for a wallet.

2. The F.A.Q. section or the Knowledge Base is the best location for all information. Simply type in keywords that pertain to your question and you should see general answers given on various previously asked questions and subjects. If you have a simple question use the FAQ section for this.

3. For technical support ONLY, please submit a ticket. Examples of technical support are as follows: website issues, app issues, lost password, missing transfer, transfer not showing up. Tickets that do not correspond with technical support will be discarded.

4. If you have registered and have been promised XBit (XBC) coins, please allow up to 48 hours for account approval. After this approval your XBC will appear in your wallet. Please do not submit a ticket until the 48 hours of wallet creation has expired.

5. If you have not created a wallet within the app or xChange we cannot help you. Please do this first before submitting a support ticket.

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