What is a cycle Bonus?

A cycle bonus is when your recruit an affiliate i.e. “a leg” and it completes a series of recruitment 5 levels deep, the leg pays a cycle.


John Doe recruits Sarah Smith, thats level 1> Your paid

Sarah Smith recruits Jane Adams, thats level 2> Your Paid

Jane Adams recruits Jim Johnson, thats level 3> Your Paid

Jim Adams recruits Chris Stevenson, thats level 4> Your Paid

Chris Stevenson recruits Sally Chase, thats level 5> Your Paid

You get paid for every recruitment direct and indirect up to level 5 deep

Understand the 10×10 strategy is just that, “ A Strategy” Many others have different techniques. To move to a higher affiliate position one must have directly and indirectly recruited 111000 affiliates.

Last Updated On April 19, 2019
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