What do you mean your service are more secure than other app?

Security cover a multitude of options like, encryption, private keys, storage of data.

For encryption Its not a matter of having this feature, first its whether you turn the feature on is usually the problem and is only susceptible to open air transmission theft and access. With HOLA this feature is already on and active and only decrypted with the apps private key itself, this private key is local and only belongs to you.

Private keys, we do not store private keys within the cloud network. Most chat providers maintain individual keys within the database on the network and these key are whats usually sold to governments for conversion. All client app have this key within the app itself once they register its maintained at the local level not on our network. So we do not and cannot grant anyone right to your content using your private keys.

Storage of data is free to most of these globalized chat companies as they get compensation to store and maintain all the information you have ever sent. For us using paid cloud solutions, we are costed with storing this information, so we choose not to as it would be above our financial capabilities to do so as we do not wish to be a part of the global empire of content sales. As far as premium storage, that space is only accessible using your private key. We can only see if we choose to look, encrypted 1’s and 0’s.

Last Updated On April 21, 2019
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