Targeting Merchants

option 1.

This is __________ with , we are an online global market place working with crypto-currency xbit and have clients eager to spend.  We are similar to Amazon yet more grass roots. My job as sales manager is to expand Vendor products and sales via our online presence for products just like yours, Increase your sales, and expand our business model. Do you have a few minutes to discuss more details and what we are offering?

option 2.

My name is ________________. I am a regional sales manager with xChange, a global market place accepting crypto-currency for purchases. Do you know users of crypto-currency spend more money than shoppers using cash. I’d like to talk to you about how we can work together to increase your business exposure, Whats the best time to connect?

option 3.

I’m following your page as our business model is working to connect companies like yours with crypto-currency holders that normally spend more on products if they are able to use their crypto to make purchases. I have a program you could benefit from, benefits are new clients, no out of pocket expense and some up front benefits for having signed up with us, What would be the best way to reach out to you?

option 4.

This is ______________. I am a sales representative with xChange. xChange represents a new paradigm shift in online vendor sales. By linking Vendor and Customer sales through crypto-currency we encourage an entirely new revenue stream for existing business. Every business out there needs more sales and exposure. If you have time I would like to discuss how we can work together. Do you have time this week?

option 5.

I am ____________ with xChange, an online merchant market place where customers buy with crypto-currency. We transact business very much like Amazon, but we make use of crypto-currency to leverage un-tapped customer sources. Did you know crypto-currency users spend higher amounts per unit of merchandise? Perhaps we can talk about helping your company or product increase exposure?

Last Updated On May 22, 2018
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