27 March 2018, Subject: Positions

Memo: New Positions and Bonus Structure 

Date: 27 March 2018

To: All Affiliates

From: XiPly Commissions

All Affiliates,

We have added new positions to the XiPly program, Listed are the achievement Level and Bonus structure.

LEVEL1: New Affiliate Recruitment Manager: Relations Manager

LEVEL2: Six Completed Leg Cycles: Area Director (Bonus: 1000 xBit and Title)

LEVEL3: Twenty more completed Leg Cycles: Regional Director (Bonus: 4000 xBit and Title)

LEVEL4: One hundred more completed Leg Cycles: Regional Vice President (Bonus 8000xBit, Title, and Trips Eligibility)

LEVEL5: Two hundred more complete Leg Cycles: Regional President (Bonus20,000 xBit, Title, Trips Eligibility, Fiat Redemption) 

Team XiPly

Last Updated On March 27, 2018
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