irst response1.

Thanks for responding, let me say we are a grass roots effort with a tier one blockchain built on a cloud computing consensus called RAFT which limits excessive mining fees, we also are backed by Gold and have a 100% redemption policy which gives us stability and really zero volatility. The idea right now is having created a marketplace to allow people that hold two type of crypto  XGC and XBC to use in the marketplace for conversion. We model the concept similar to Amazon. We can give you free exposure and because we connect you to global clients we have a settlement commission of either 5-3% . I’m sending you a more detailed brochure that explains a little more about us. You have zero to lose and zero risk. If you noticed the last email I sent are the benefits. This is a limited time and would love to include you in the launch of the site in June. Let me know if your interested.

second response2.

Thank you for your interest in XChange Market Place.

We are excited to help you get started. Let me first say getting started is ever so easy and right now pre-registration is free and includes lifetime annual fee waivers of €99 a year.  After 01 September registration for the first year is €49.99 and €99 every year thereafter. So let’s get started.

Initially, you received a brochure that listed the benefits of our pre-registration. Here are a few more details:

Pre-registration includes the following;
•    Free registration
•    xChange crypto wallet
•    200€ non redemption of xBit (can be used for marketplace, sms, email, or similar ad campaigns and marketplace purchase only)
•    Lifetime membership

Attached is our complete brochure on “how it works”. The most important part is understanding what service level suits your business (page 9). We have two options which we call “hands on” or “hands off” approach. This only applies to companies that have products they want listed in the marketplace. All service industry types are automatically listed in a service directory that is searchable by multiple filters i.e. location, type, price, etc.

Hands Off “for you”: We will service your account. We will setup your online presence, administer all transactions of your online store, monies are paid directly to your wallet. We see only order transactions. The commission paid to xChange for the first year for having pre-registered is 5% of your total sales for this service.

Hands On “you do everything”: Do it yourself and use marketplace tools to help, including our online technical support. Of course, we will always be there for encouragement and a little help if you need it. The commission paid to xChange for the first year for having pre-registered is 3% of your total sales for this service.

Once you have decided which service fits your plans, we will guide you through some general questions needed to get you setup. Lastly, thanks for your interest in partnering with xChange. We are here to make this experience one to remember.  Crypto is the future and xBit and xChange are your gateways to success.

third response3.

Thank you for responding.

If anyone understands why you stopped accepting crypto it is us here at xChange.

We know Crypto use to have a little less volatility. Recently, over the last 12 to 18 months, Crypto currencies have ceased to be a transactional coin and have become a place for wild investments. We are strong believers in reclaiming the utility of Crypto-currency as one the best methods for future payment systems.

At XChange we have developed a stable, non-volatile, gold-backed, 100% redeemable crypto-currency we call XBit. We hope, before you give up on crypto all together you will give a last look at XChange Market Place.

It is true, there are many committed crypto-users eager to participate in online purchasing.
If your business could benefit from online exposure, right now we have a great offer for you. Let’s face it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Attached is our brochure and offer. Let me know how xChange can be your partner in the future of crypto.

Last Updated On May 22, 2018
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