Recruitment Script


I wanted to talk to you about the new crypto business I’m in.

It's similar to an Amazon FBA (fulfilment by Amazon) strategy,

the only difference is    --------       it's setup for crypto currency.

Currently, it’s a ground floor opportunity and the Company allows me to recruit other affiliates.

I wanted to see if you have a minute to discuss.

I know it’s something you would like and if it’s not,


than you don't mind being 100% honest and telling me, right?

Great, if I emailed you the concept right now could I go over it with you?

The only reason I suggest right now is that I’m going to get a few people involved with me asap

and dam,

I know I need you as part of my team.

So, whats your email? Go over the presentation:

Last Updated On March 19, 2018
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