Product Photo Sizes

The market.xchange has the highest standards when setting photos for your products. When submitting your products they will be denied if specific requirements are not met. The dimensions of your store products are: (1200pixels-wide and 1200 pixels-height at 300dpi resolution). A product-template has been provided to help you meet the market.xchange site requirements.

Our in house design team offer design services, please visit the design store and make an order for these services, if not download the following product-template.

Do’s & Dont’s

Do Not: Apply text to your product photos, do not use the following colors,

the minimum DPI must be 300dpi because of the zoom in feature, anything less could display something not desirable by the purchaser, the format must be .png, all products must have a transparent background or color of #f8f8f8 grey in color or #ffffff white color.

Be sure to allow plenty of spacing around your product image. Gutters should be set at .067 on all edges.


Last Updated On August 01, 2018
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