How does the Business Work?

Like all positions, particularly self-determined business opportunities, sales is the primary function. An Affiliate will engage, encourage and enlist crypto-currency-inclined interested people looking for business opportunities as both vendor companies, and/or as Bounty Affiliates. Business profits are made in 3 ways: 
  1. From fixed commissions generated by direct sales from Vendor business enlisted onto the xChange platform, 
  2. By direct and immediate compensation from the training of additional Bounty Affiliates,
  3. From a percentage of commissions generated by additional Bounty Affiliates from their Vendor business sales.
It is worth noting, one way or another we are ALL in sales. We all rely on our abilities to connect to other people to promote sales, inspire sales, and benefit from sales. In every way, and for most companies, certainly most large successful companies, their sales abilities, their self-promotion and their willingness to exploit all types of relationships including and especially “friends and families” leads to an ever widening circle of potential sales. 
As sales people, as Affiliates, as Bounty Affiliates, it is our job to create a circle of relationships so vast and deep that we forge through self-determination our own successful business. And, with this achievement we, with many others, will have built the most successful crypto-inspired global market space ever.
Last Updated On March 04, 2018
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