Community Standards of Hola

Hola is designed to be the ultimate Private and Secure Communications System, while concomitantly representing an Inclusive and Participatory Community Spirit. Users may share information, ideas and products and at the same time feel confident their interests will not be “hi-jacked” by internal groups or worse, have their user information sold to third-party corporations.
Hola will never sell your information, never misuse your trust, and never disrespect the Spirit of Hola Social Space. These Hola guidelines are meant to be followed to ensure that users not only benefit from the Social Space but also allow others to maximize their experiences in the same positive way. That said, please adhere the guidelines and be respectful to other users.

Important Note: By using Hola and Hola Social Space, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Misuse of the Hola System may result in deleted content, loss of account or other restrictions.

No one under the age of 13 is allowed to create an account on Hola Social Space. Please read these guidelines carefully. By using Hola you agree and understand that you are entering a legally binding contract between you (the user) and Hola. If you do not accept Hola Terms and our guidelines please do NOT use Hola.

Hola wishes all users a positive experience whilst following these important guidelines:

Impersonation: Never pretend to be someone else. This includes your friends, celebrities, brand names or other companies or organizations.

Fake News, Discrimination and Hate: Absolutely do not post content that deliberately attempts to spread false information that may cause harm, content that promotes discrimination or violence of any kind, and content that demeans or defames. Just don’t do it. Just so you know, this kind of content may very well be illegal too!

Illegal Content: You agree NOT to use Hola for any illegal activities. This also includes buying/selling of drugs, contraband, counterfeit goods, illicit services, and firearms.

Violence and Threats: Hola is a safe place to be. No threats of violence on person (s), property or even animals will be tolerated. Nor will the encouragement of self-harm, eating disorders, or any promotion of injurious behavior be acceptable.

Terrorism: Terrorist organizations or groups that advocate or advance terrorist agenda’s; and organizations whose agenda is aimed at detrimentally antagonizing people or groups for nefarious purposes are prohibited from Hola.

Sexual Content: At no time are you allowed to post pornographic content. At no time are you allowed to post any inappropriate sexual content involving anyone under the age of 18 years. Understand, we report child sexual exploitation to the appropriate authorities.

Reporting abuse of the Hola System: We welcome feedback from our users on issues they feel we should know about. Particularly, we welcome feedback on any misuse of the Hola System: if things make you uncomfortable, if you feel there has been a violation of the Hola System or even if you are not sure but would like to report a concern we welcome your observations. It is important to us that users of Hola enjoy the experience. This is only possible if all users respect the integrity of the Hola System.

Last Updated On January 08, 2019
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