Accepting xBit in my WooCommerce store



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xBit Woocommerce Plugin

Use xBit WooCommerce plugin to accept xBit payments from customers anywhere.
Key features:
Simple Install
4 boxes to change
Easy API request from website wallet dashboard
Branded with your icon and store name.
Customer selects pay with xBit wallet and enter username and password of wallet for easy pay


This plugin requires WooCommerce. Please make sure you have WooCommerce installed.
1. Get started by signing up for an xBit wallet and get 200* of xBit for registering.
2. Download the latest version of the BitPay plugin from the WordPress site.
3. Install the latest version of the xBit plugin for WooCommerce:
Navigate to your WordPress Admin Panel and select Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
Select the downloaded plugin and click “Install Now”.
Select “Activate Plugin” to complete installation.


Connecting xBit and WooCommerce
After you have installed the xBit plugin, you can configure the plugin:
1. Create a xBit account, once logged in, click merchant tab:
add your Merchant Title
click on merchant logo and add you icon (128×128 72 dpi)
be sure to press save
copy the merchant API and merchant key
other options to give a payment title “xBit Payment” and a customer message
other option is to change to only xBit currency symbol “Plugins” -> “Settings” -> “General”-> currency options → xBit
2. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and select “Plugins” -> “Settings” -> “Payments”
Find xBit Payment Method and enable
Click “Setup” and enter your API and Secret code in corresponding boxes
Press save


Nice work! Your customers will now be able to check out using their xBit wallet on your WordPress, WooCommerce store site.







Last Updated On August 01, 2018
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