09 April 2018, Subject: Update

Memo: Updates

Date: 09 March 2018

To: All Subscribers

From: General Update

xChange Subscribers,

Just an update about our growth, Apps and opportunities. Currently the xChange website is offline for the next week as we migrate to enterprise servers. Because of the growth and anticipation of adding vendors to the site and having added many users we want to make sure that the website can handle the traffic.

The app is almost finished and the functionality of the site, the app and the exchange all working together and the need to understand and read one another are being incorporated. The plan is to transfer your per-registration xbit to your app wallet once live. We expect it to be a smooth transition but sometimes its not. Just understand if any issues arise, we will fix them.

We are closing the XiPly affiliate signup for free on the 15th of April. This is not a requirement. This is an opportunity to make money working with xbit and the xChange. Remember if we have no affiliates and no clients on the xChange, we have done this for nothing. It requires a team of people to help build an organization of this magnitude. After the last call many were advised that the free signup to xChange was going to end and that we need you to refer friends and family to pre-register. The following days the registration was very low and this results in clients not having faith in the concept or you just do not wish to participate. This opportunity will also close on the 30th of April.

Blockchain capital is delayed until the wallet and blockchain are live, which means that supernumerary wallet will not be available until that functionality is built. We anticipate development of asset blockchain in May and shortly after offer the supernumerary wallet so that clients can start sharing in transactional fees. Right now we have more or less 400 assets to be uploaded to blockchain capital.

If you continue to have questions and want to know more like xChange releasing its ATM machine concept or the complete knowledgebase of the xCompanies.net business model. Please follow any and all links above. Shortly the xChange App will be available on IOS or Android stores. We will keep you informed.


xChange Team

Last Updated On April 09, 2018
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